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Strength Over Speed (SOS) is a grassroots, all volunteer community based project whose mission is to help gay and bisexual men maintain recovery from crystal meth addiction.

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Through its weekly peer-led support groups, sober social activities, and community volunteer projects, SOS offers vital recovery support for gay and bisexual men, regardless of HIV status. This promotes positive health outcomes and reduces high risk sexual behavior associated with methamphetamine use.

Negative media about meth perpetuates the stigma, and both active and ex-crystal users feel isolated or fearful of talking openly about their addiction or recovery. As gay men in recovery, we felt compelled to diffuse those negative stereotypes and show that we can overcome our addiction and actively participate in relationships and within the community.

Our personal experiences with addiction and our desire to reduce the stigma we often face within our own community can help to portray a positive face to our communities, families and friends who have been directly or indirectly affected by our Methamphetamine use and those who are currently struggling with addiction.

Strength Over Speed currently has 4 group meetings in Seattle. All groups are peer led and peer facilitated.

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